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You have arrived at the right company to support your Internet marketing link building strategy. We have extensive experience in seo and internet marketing from the birth of the search engine optimisation industry in the late 90`s, our focused internet business model is focused entirely on link buildingcombined with a consise understanding of the Internet, which means that we can provide you with a strategy that is guaranteed to produce the right results for you and your business.


Boomernag provides businesses like yours with the opportunity to reach the right customers with an effective, targeted campaign at a far lower cost than traditional marketing techniques. Visit Umbrella companies.

Results of onine marketing campaigns can be easily tracked and measured in terms of how effective a particular method has been. It is possible to establish by what means visitors arrive at your website, be it from an online banner advertisement, a link in an e-mail or a link from another website. Such information allows businesses to accurately assess the effectiveness of various e-marketing methods. Boomerang can provide full statistics software and assist with statistical analysis.SEO and its effect on sales

Marketers ready for branded domain names
Marketers, brand managers and company owners are finalising their applications for one of the biggest shake-ups to the internet since its creation three decades ago.

Marketing online is also a lot faster than conventional marketing practices, in that businesses can react instantly to new events and developments in the industry, simply by having a functional website or e-mail system.

This gives your company a much more contemporary and up-to-date image without the associated costs of manpower, printing or posting.

Nevertheless, the people shown in these DVDs are making absolute fortunes from the ideas they have developed and there's absolutely no reason why anyone shouldn't be able to copy them and do exactly the same. Find out more by clicking on the links to two of our most recent acquisitions.

Our Developers work closely with our Account Managers to develop cost-effective solutions for each project. Their objective is to develop solutions with as much simplicity as possible.

Our IT Department is comprised of highly-skilled, creative individuals who hold security and reliability in the highest regard.

Team Leaders are assigned to each project. These experienced motivators have a genuine appreciation for customer care and; as such, they work closely with each dedicated team of Customer Service Representatives to provide them with encouragement and support.

Our unmatchable quality of customer service is all about people.

Whatever proves to be a winning formula in the US, is almost certainly going to be just as effective right here. The key to Internet riches for anyone residing in the UK, is to tap into the newly discovered niche markets being plundered in the US. It's simply a case of duplicating the systems that have been proven to work.

The central focus of all our SEO campaigns is to drive traffic and increase the volume of sales leads coming through the website

Pay Per Click Bid Management
Boomerang pay per click bid management service is designed to maximise the cost effectiveness of your pay per click advertising campaigns. The Boomerang Program covers all aspects of planning and managing Pay per click and is designed to optimize customer conversion rates and ROI. Pay Per Click Management

Search Engine optimisation
The Boomerang search engine optimisation service optimises your sites search rankings in all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN.  search engine optimisation  Boomerang provides a best practice optimisation service that delivers and maintains sustained search ranking success. Search Engine optimisation
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Link Buiding
It is often the case that if your competition is both well optimised and has a stronger number of relevant links from quality websites using researched anchor text, then your website will appear lower down in the SERPS. Link popularity is now a crucial factor within Google's algorithm.  This is just fact

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